Menagerie is the platform that allows humans to re-think and re-imagine the true societal impact through the lens of decentralization and inclusive environment. It is a technology-fueled, innovative, apolitical movement that is to become the biggest revolution in how the world is envisioning social impact where communities are given the power to find out their values and live by them.


We are the Renaissance of the 21st century. When a major renaissance happened in Europe in the past, it changed the whole world into a new thriving era. Similarly, Menagerie’s purpose is to organically uplift modern society and communities by creating new decentralized power models that bring more social impact value to many more people. How will Menagerie achieve it? Through giving that power to everyday people and encouraging them to participate and become owners of their success.  


Menagerie is one of the most exciting developments that drastically contributes to tackling important social challenges in new and state-of-the-art ways. It proves that there is a natural harmony between DAOs and social impact that is a direct outcome of people serving as key stakeholders and decision-makers. Unfortunately, for many companies, social impact and corporate social responsibility are often no more than a PR stunt, but Menagerie views it as an innate feature.


Focused on tech innovation and grounded in its own experience, Menagerie is a navigator in the battle between the two big forces – old power and new power. The old power is held by few.  It is centralized,  limited, hardly accessible, foggy, and driven from the top down. It regulates and controls. The new power, in contrast,  is held and, in fact, made by many. It is decentralized,  open, collaborative, engaging,  peer-directed, and the most forceful when it surges. Menagerie is the new power with the goal not to hoard power but rather to channel it instead. Communities can be helped and uplifted only by turning to the possessors of their own actions


Menagerie gives everyone the ability to define and create their own social impact. It lets everyone have the capacity to build community or to build up movements;  make connections, friends,  or money, to spread ideas; to seek support  – all on an enormously greater scale and with higher potential social impact than the world has done even a few years ago. Yes, technology has changed, but the truth is also that the need for power distribution has shifted as well. People have always had a natural desire to take part in the world. Throughout history, people have organized collective movements, and have built collaborative communities to conduct commerce and to satisfy one of their foundational human needs for staying closely connected with one another. Sadly, until recently, people’s everyday opportunities to participate and agitate were constrained by the old centralized power. 


Menagerie is now the first-of-a-kind movement to figure out how to channel people’s appetite for producing social value in innovative, extraordinary, transformative ways. It is a space where people can come together, take responsibility, and organize themselves in ways that are geographically unbounded and with unparalleled celerity to reach. Menagerie’s hyper-connectivity through the power of decentralization gives birth to new human-centered models and breakthrough mindsets that are transforming the present and shaping the future of human society. That’s the new decentralized power given to people and communities to create and own their success stories. And that’s the true value of the social impact realized through people-owned ideas and decision-making processes.  Here, the social impact value does not have to be measured by a standardized set of metrics or highly-regulated authorities. 


Menagerie is on the mission to unite everyday people, ideas,  leaders, communities, and organizations to channel the decentralized participatory energy for the good of communities and all humans.  The idea of the new decentralized power has been inspiring to many people and organizations in so many different sectors, but Menagerie is using it to reimagine the true social impact. It is here to stay and is ascendant.  

You’ve probably heard the saying “If you want to change the world, start with your community.”

It’s true. And it’s also true that if you want to BETTER the world, start with yourself.

We’re here to help you do both. We believe in the power of a good community, and we believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute—no matter what their circumstances might be. That’s why our company is focused on building communities that are inclusive, diverse, and supportive of social impact.

At Menagerie, we believe in building a future where everyone can thrive—where people are empowered by their own potential for growth and are able to live up to their full potential.