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Freemium Model


Menagerie is a groundbreaking platform transforming societal impact through decentralization and inclusivity, empowering communities to discover and live by their values.

The Menagerie platform includes a suite of tools that allow a community to:

Community Expansion

Menagerie uses a Freemium Model which allows all Menagerie communities to use the Menagerie voting engine free of charge.

Community Development

Communities are entirely free to take the Menagerie engine code and develop their communities themselves or use Menagerie products and services to help run the community.

Fee Structure

To use Menagerie products and services, a percentage fee of total community assets or incoming fees applies. Larger communities with more funding pay less as a percentage than smaller communities with less funding.

Additional Support Services

The Menagerie Platform charges additional fees for support services through its diverse sets of Menagerie support and services communities.

Comprehensive Support Services

Community-based businesses to gain financial support

Sustainable community building for the future of commerce.

Communities to scale horizontally with each other.

Member participation in multiple communities in one easy-to-use dashboard.

People turning their passion into pay and their job into joy.

Communities to create and populate new communities.