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Menagerie communities are diverse and constantly evolving, showcasing a vibrant mosaic of sectors and collaborations. From creatives and tech innovators to nonprofits and blockchain enthusiasts, these groups harness Menagerie’s decentralized framework to push boundaries and achieve sustainable growth. Community Examples include:

Creator Communities

Creators, Influencers, and other existing communities are ideally positioned to expand and convert their already centralized setups into Web3 innovation solutions via Menagerie. 

Legacy Business and Startups

Seeking to broaden their product offerings and use our community creation services to adopt DAO mechanisms and develop their own Web3 communities through Menagerie are among the key players in the ecosystem. 

Investment Clubs 

Venture capitalists seeking to invest with each other use Menagerie to create their communities and coordinate investment decisions. 

Sports and Entertainment

Sports leagues are using the Menagerie community toolsets. Similarly, entertainment studios have created incentivized communities around their products and services.

Layer 1 Blockchain

Layer 1 blockchains need DAO communities to help decentralize their protocols and turn to Menagerie for their community creation and support. DAO communities also help set standards and make Layer 1 blockchains more compliant with EU and US regulations, including at the protocol level. 


501c3s are among the most prominent entities that convert into decentralized online communities.


Metaverse companies are among the key partners of the Menagerie platform. As a matter of fact, the Menagerie community believes so much in the prospect of the metaverse that it launched a separate metaverse and Web3 product for community building that runs parallel to the Web2 Menagerie website.

Menagerie Welcomes Developers to Our Community

Menagerie welcomes developers to explore our sophisticated voting engine, available for integration and innovation. We equip you with the necessary tools to transform your creative ideas into reality. Together, let’s connect, create, and collaborate to foster meaningful change across diverse communities.