Wulf’s Bio

Wulf's Mission

Wulf is an entrepreneur, lawyer, economist, and professor who has traveled the world and seen the problems of yesterday’s Internet economy firsthand.


Platform Internet Companies are treating us like cattle


Average folks are tired of toiling in front of screens all day like mooing herd animals. Sick of:


Their hard work, productivity, and data sucked up by data farmers like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Social media cutting social threads and ruthlessly extracting value.

Being unfairly paid, and having their intellectual property stolen.

Wulf Kaal, PhD

“Why are we willingly accepting that they’re treating us and our data like cattle, herding us?” 


After 10 years of studying the problems, testing solutions, and putting his findings into practice, there is a new way. 

An evolution of humanity is possible.

Wulf’s mission is to:

Take technology into our own hands.

Re-configure the web so it benefits the human-animal, not just the machine.

Decide when, where, and how we work.

The future of human prosperity, innovation, and commerce will revolve around:

Collaboration via reputation-driven communities.

Work-to-earn solutions that turn passion into pay.

Decentralized community building using blockchains.

Democratic voting.

On the decentralized networks Wulf is building:

Folks can interact more equally than ever before.

Trade, play, build, buy, and create—and own their work.

With anonymity built-in, race, culture, and heritage play less of a role.

Socio-economic status fades. Whether you come from the Upper East Side or the East End, the Middle East or the Far East—your contributions are what matter.

Blockchain-based online communities can become true communities of trust and reciprocity, where:

Reputation is fairer. Merit can be more equally identified and rewarded through community service and community audits.

The individual can act for herself while the community benefits at the same time.

Incentives are aligned.

In well-governed communities, there’s a feeling that We’re All in This Together.

Wulf's background

Wulf has an M.B.A from Durham University, a Juris Doctor from University of Illinois, as well as a Ph.D., Law & Economics from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

After spending time in the Securities Division of Goldman Sachs, Wulf became a 12-year Professor of Law at the University of St. Thomas School of Law.

It was during this time that Wulf began to focus on blockchain, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), decentralization and the role of technology in organizing the future of work and society. 

In 2021, Wulf Kaal co-authored the book, “Decentralization: Technology’s Impact on Organizational and Societal Structure” with Mathematician Dr. Craig Calcaterra. The book examines the core infrastructure elements that are needed before the first genuinely decentralized transaction can happen, including a legal environment, underwriting, a truly decentralized blockchain that can overcome the blockchain trilemma (decentralization, scaling, security), and efficient governance of blockchains.

Since 2022, Wulf has been working on a new book manuscript (co-authored by Robert Tercek) that examines the implications of a mainstream application of sustainable web3 community governance in a broad array of industries. 

In addition to his thought leadership, Wulf has been actively implementing his theoretical insights into practice by co-founding and leading several organizations and decentralized autonomous organizations in a broad array of industries, including the following:

Semada Labs

HighTech Block

Emerging Technology Association


Open Source Standards Association





Wulf is the CEO and Co-founder of Menagerie. Menagerie is a powerful community management system for engaging, growing, and monetizing your community.

Utilizing Wulf’s two decades of experience in web3, governance, decentralization, community building, and business law, Wulf is working to utilize Menagerie to create a new category of community management systems that will allow communities to self-govern and manage tasks such as:  

Align community members toward collective goals.

In well-governed communities, there’s a feeling that We’re All in This Together.

Pay for, buy, and invest in products and services.

Hire Contractors, managers, and contributors.

Fund Internal and external projects and proposals.

Reward those who made meaningful contributions.

Help individuals everywhere prosper instead of focusing only on the desires of a few large shareholders.

Provide payment rails between communities and between communities and vendors.

press & Media

A New Collaboration in Advanced Communities


DEVxDAO and XPRIZE announce a grant in excess of €3 million

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND, Jan. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DEVxDAO, the decentralized innovation community sponsored by Casper, is thrilled to announce a new collaboration in advanced communities. DEVxDAO, XPRIZE, Vatom, Menagerie, RampRate and Casper Labs are spending millions to develop a new philosophy for advanced, self-governing, online communities.

Initial Grant to Kickstart the Transformation

Thanks to their shared commitment to fostering innovation, XPRIZE and DEVxDAO are introducing one of the largest-ever grant programs focused on advanced communities integrated with Web3, and the single-largest grant to be issued within the Casper ecosystem to date.