Menagerie enables diversity, equity, and inclusion

Menagerie enables diversity, equity, and inclusion

Menagerie is the perfect place to create decentralized online communities for women and BIPOC and LGBTQIA folks. We support diversity, and equity. We aim for wildly inclusive communities.

Our commitment to diversity is important; Diversity is not the strong suit for a lot of tech platforms.

Technology, like anything, is biased toward the people who created it. For example facial recognition works 95 percent of the time for light-skinned men, but only 70 percent for darker-skinned women.

This bias makes sense, given who creates most tech. About 70 percent of tech workers are male and only 12 percent are Black.

All humans have unconscious bias and blind spots that they often are not aware of, that are created by the environment, norms, culture, media, education, and more. The legacies of structural racism that exist in our old systems might inadvertently be re-embedded in our new systems, like thorns that cling to a sock and move from old shoes to new.


Building unbiased tech is crucially important because emerging tech will have world-changing implications. Coders and creators are right now sculpting new systems of finances, education, and governance. If marginalized people are not included in this process, emerging tech will create long-term problems for massive groups of people. It could hoard money, knowledge and power in the same hands they have historically been in.


“Web3,” which includes Virtual Reality (VR), blockchain, Decentralized Finance (DeFI), and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), could offer a break from our inherited systems of inequality and exclusion.  

Hope lies on the horizon—or just inside of VR goggles, in the decentralized virtual world of the metaverse. In Virtual reality:

  1. Gender, orientation, race, class, etc. are less obvious and users can even be anonymous, eliminating potential bias.
  2. Disabilities may be less restricting.
  3. People can rename themselves.
  4. Travel is easy and frictionless.
  5. A lack of time, transportation, or financial resources to have “live” experiences can more easily be overcome.


Menagerie builds on the benefits of Web3 and the Metaverse. Menagerie is a super-organizer enabling any community to take advantage of the leveling effects of Web3.

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