Attack Resistance

Menagerie governance is based on a decade of pioneering research by Dr. Wulf Kaal. The key objective of the decentralized governance research that builds the foundation for Menagerie governance pertains to attack resistance of each community to outsiders.


Menagerie governance revolves around the key governance consensus algorithm that allows communities to rely on visible community sentiment before the community members stake their governance tokens.


Menagerie governance is simple and allows for quick learning by doing.

Sustainable Governance

Menagerie governance creates sustainable incentivized communities.


Menagerie is using a unique forum to engage all the individual Menagerie communities and help them coordinate their individual conduct.

Proposal Execution

If the community does its business onchain, the smart contract handles the execution automatically. If it's not onchain, there will have to be some execution support from Menagerie. Not all proposals and votes can be executed by smart contracts. For regular contracts, Menagerie will provide the required input.


Several Menagerie DAOs and other affiliated DAOs will be using Policy DAOs to help them coordinate their policy making efforts. (Not all Menagerie communities will need the same amount of Policy DAO support.)