What is Menagerie?

Menagerie provides a governance license for community creation with key payment rails and easy to use dashboards where Menagerie users can see all their community engagements in one place and see where they need to act in a given Menagerie community. Community building is based on existing communities that are using the Menagerie voting engine in governance, ideas, work, and sponsorship community engagements.

Why does Menagerie exist?

Menagerie was created to transition existing organizations and startups into community-driven organizations that create sustainable work engagements for the future of commerce. The Menagerie community shares key values such as equity, freedom, and efficiency. The Menagerie governance engine allows community building that is free from socio-economic status and other inequitable classifiers that hold business and society back. The first Menagerie community was founded by Dr. Wulf Kaal and Tony Greenberg in January 2022.

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