Community Building

Catalyst Stage

Catalysts are the key for any decentralized community development, they engage around products and services through the forum channels. They ideate and motivated others to engage around the idea of philosophy/product and work engagement.

Initiation & Ideation stage

Once catalysts have engaged with and found each other around a key idea / philosophy / product / work engagement, they provide the Menagerie Dashboard with a name for the community or a working title. The catalysts also should describe the vision for this community and why others should join and for what purpose.

Community Catalyst Onboarding

Catalysts identify new community members through their input and work product. The Menagerie engine automatically onboards upvoted community members into the community.

Autonomous Communities

Each community on the Menagerie Platform is entirely autonomous and self-governed. However, communities on the Menagerie Platform can use the services of other Menagerie communities for support or enhancement.

Funding & Initial capitalization

Communities on the Menagerie Platform have the option of bringing assets to the platform themselves or generate market-based fees for their communities. The Menagerie setup wizard directs catalysts to the choices for the setup that drives the community design depending on their funding source.


The governance for the new community is set up as a default function in the Menagerie Platform. Communities vote to make governance changes after consultation with a Menagerie policy community. For more details on how the Menagerie voting engine works please see our Voting Engine page. For more academic details on governance choices and phase adjustments of governance.

Community Protocols & Standards

Each Menagerie community develops its own protocols and standards through the voting engine. The Menagerie Citation System enables each community to engage in a dynamic and evolutionary form of self-governance via the voting engine.


Menagerie communities have several options for compensating their members. The key two models are 1. Sponsorship, and 2. Market-based community fees (the community attracts others to pay the community). Each Menagerie community member is compensated proportional to the members’ respective reputation NFT score (NFTs are used as an accounting metric for merit only in this context). The more merit a member puts into the system through providing work products, governance voting, and community audit voting on other members’ work product, the higher the respective members’ reputation NFT score. Members are paid proportional to their reputation score. So if one person accumulated 100 reputation NFTs and another person accumulated 10 reputation NFTs, the person with the higher reputation will get paid 10 times more. In the sponsorship model, salaries typically get paid monthly. In the market-based compensation model, salaries are getting paid proportional to the reputation score of each member after each work product audit vote. The worker gets paid part of the fee and the other part of the fee gets paid to the voting community members for providing an audit vote. You can compensate your community members by Sponsorships and Market based community fees.